Summarizing Microsoft Technical Takeoff 2023

Niklas Tinner
5 min readDec 7, 2023

This post is a summary of this years Microsoft Technical Takeoff, one of the largest online events for endpoint management topics around Intune, Windows, Windows cloud experiences and security, provided by Microsoft.

These were my personal highlights and some of the most important infos and slides. (all content by Microsoft)

This is a personal summary — intended to share with the community 😎

My favorite sessions

What’s next for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

  • Windows App — one app for connections to W365, AVD, Dev Box
  • Boot & Switch are GA
  • AI Cloud PC recommendation
  • GPU support
  • Lockbox support
  • Customer Managed Keys
  • Utilization insights

Navigate the future of Enterprise Application Management with Intune

  • Microsoft’s own app catalog built-in to Intune (not Microsoft Store, not winget)
  • An app will be prepopulated with content and metadata
  • Updates are available and can be superseded manually by an admin

Uplevel security with Endpoint Privilege Management

New with EPM: Support approved action where an end user can send requests that an admin must approve — no static EPM rules are needed and therefore it’s more dynamic and situation-specific.

What’s new in Windows identity and credential protection Event

  • Windows support for Passkeys to access online accounts securely
  • Enterprise Passwordless feature — this feature disables the password option from the Windows lockscreen to fully rely on Windows Hello for Business

Advanced analytics: supercharge real-time reporting with insights that matter

  • Improving the overall reporting capabilities of Intune — Reporting v2
  • Search & export
  • More and better filtering coming soon
  • Improved Export
  • Better data freshness indicators

Intune Advanced Analytics

  • On-Demand Pivot query for single device and over the whole platform for Anomaly detection and more
  • Copilot integration everywhere (explore devices or profiles in Intune)

The latest on managing Windows updates in Microsoft Intune Event

Improvements in terms of:

  • Driver & firmware update management
  • Windows Update reporting

Generative AI and the next generation of Intune features

Microsoft Cloud PKI

Remote Help

Windows LAPS: enhancements and roadmap

If you want to know more about LAPS: Windows LAPS: the comprehensive guide (

Microsoft Intune reinvents Mac management

I hope this helped you 😉